Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements

Even if You Are Busy, Don't Speak the Language Well and Have No Money

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Are you ready to impact whole communities of unreached people?

Want to see disciples start to multiply within four or five months?

Even if you have limited time, language skills and money?

If you’re...

1) an ordinary, passionate disciple of Jesus, deeply committed to reaching the lost
2) a full-time minister looking to have a much greater kingdom impact

Then you already know that…. we need to take new steps of faith and obedience to move forward in God's calling on our lives.

We’ll spare you the “preachy” tone.

No need to be a broken record. We don't need to remind you of the obvious fact. God is 100% committed to reaching the lost and healing their brokenness.

We know you are more than aware that if we want to see the transformation of communities, cities, spheres and people groups, we have to make disciples.

And those disciples have to make more genuine disciples…they have to multiply. We need to see movements.

Here’s What You Might Not Know..

Through starting a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) you could shift from impacting a few hundred people to impacting thousands or tens of thousands. It could even happen within just a few short years.

Through starting a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) you could catalyze a dramatic social change in your people group, city, or the region God has put deeply on your heart.

Every follower of Jesus is capable of starting disciple-making groups that will multiply, start other groups and transform!

Even Though the Reasons to Start a Disciple-Making Movement are Obvious…

It isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You will face real spiritual opposition. It will be a major challenge to carve out time in your busy life for evangelism and disciple-making activities. There will be times when the demands of life compete with the demands of the movement.

People who don’t understand your vision will discourage you. Sometimes you will wonder if you will ever find that key person who will lead to the change you’ve been dreaming of for your area.

That is why you need both a guide and a community.

A step by step plan to get started right, and a group of people to walk together with makes a huge difference! Having peers and an experienced coach/mentor to help you troubleshoot problems, be accountable and stay on track, while also inspiring you is critical.

The good news is that with these things in place, you can do this! You can share the gospel, lead people to Christ, and start groups of disciples. You can train them, then train them to train others. You can disciple them in a way that leads to incredible transformation in their lives and families and watch them impact their communities as the Kingdom of God comes in their hearts.

The 6 Biggest Reasons Why People Don’t End Up Multiplying Disciples and Launching Movements

  • They get busy and stop focusing on disciple-making activities.
  • Prayer isn’t a significant part of their lives and plan.
  • Evangelism isn’t a lifestyle.
  • There is no friendly accountability in their lives or the lives of those they are discipling.
  • They over-complicate their discipleship methods.
  • Discouragement and distractions keep them from pursuing God-given dreams.

If any of this sounds familiar, you are in the right place. The good news is these things can be overcome!

It takes a willingness to change and be open to doing things differently. But if you really want this, God can do it through you.

He chose you to make a difference in the world and to impact others around you in a big way. His dreams for you are not small and His heart for the unreached is burning passion.

With a step by step plan, mentors/coaches to guide you, and peers to cheer you on and keep you accountable, a Disciple Making Movement in your area is more than possible. You just need to commit and get started.


Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements: Even If You are Busy, Don’t Speak the Language Well and Have No Money

Is the only program of its kind that…

  • Provides peer encouragement through a Whats App group
  • Addresses focus and busyness issues directly
  • Takes you through a step by step plan
  • Is taught by someone who has done it herself


  • Offers (in the Premium Plan) individual coaching

If you are ready to finally multiply disciples and see abundant fruit, here’s how I will get you started on that journey.

A Personal Promise from C. Anderson...

If right now you feel confused, too busy, and a bit overwhelmed by the task of trying to reach the unreached, that will change. After this course you will feel inspired, hopeful and full of faith that God can multiply disciples through you and your team.

You will develop a step by step faith-filled plan for prayer, evangelism and finding key local influencers (Persons of Peace).

You will learn simple, inexpensive approaches proven world-wide to lead to multiplication. Time management and focus will come into shape.

You will learn how to start your first Disciple-Making group. This group will be set up to grow and multiply, launching new groups in months and years to come.

And...as a bonus, I will also throw in some free bonus e-books on how to face some of the obstacles that come as multiplication begins.

Here's how it looks.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my twenty-nine years of field experience making disciples among the unreached and packaged it into a clear and easy to understand process. Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements isn’t so much of a knowledge-based training where you will learn theories. Instead, it is a practical just-in-time training that will give you what you need to learn and do each step of the way.

Because I’ve walked this path before and know the obstacles and frustrations, I will walk with you step by step toward starting that first disciple-making group that will be poised to grow and multiply. You don’t need to repeat all the many mistakes I’ve made along the way! Instead, you can learn from what I’ve done both right and wrong. Avoid the pitfalls most people fall into.

I will make the disciple-making process simple and easy to understand. Everything you learn from me you will be able to easily teach to others.

Module 1: Clarify Your God-Sized Dream

In this first module,you will listen to God to hear what is on His heart for your area or people group. You will dream with God and the rest of your team (if you have one). You will clarify your vision. At the end of this module you will have a written God-given End Vision that stretches your faith and provides guidance for the coming years.

This module will also help you understand how to get your team on board with that vision. Or if you don't yet have a team, I'll train you in how to gather one.

Many people long to make an impact on the unreached or lost around them but don’t ever move forward because their vision isn’t clear. They haven’t taken the time to listen to God and craft an End Vision Statement. When we don’t know where we are headed, we usually don’t get there!

I’ll walk you step by step through how to do this in a fun and creative way that leads to buy-in from your team. You will end up with a strong assurance that you’ve heard from God and know where you (and He) are headed.

Module 2: Am I Too Busy to Multiply Disciples?

In this part of your journey, we will face that very important question about busyness and how it impacts our disciple-making. How do we carve out time to do what our hearts long to do? To obey Jesus’ command to make disciples? Really do it, not just talk about it. I’ll show you proven simple strategies for managing your time and schedule in such a way that disciple-making becomes a reality for you. A few key shifts and habit changes can make a world of difference.

We will talk about the power of friendly accountability in our disciple-making. How do you find an accountability partner and what do you do when you meet them? I’ll have some pdfs and extra resources on this to help you.

By the end of this module, you’ll have new things in place and not only will it look possible, it will be possible for you to find the time to be a disciple-maker. Most trainings don’t even touch on this topic. If you make changes in this area, you’ll be far ahead of many people longing to impact the last, least and lost. This module will give you a huge head-start.

Module 3: Design Your Prayer Plan

Every single movement that has been recorded in history made prayer a priority. Having an extraordinary prayer life doesn’t come automatically. We can get everything else right in our efforts, but without prayer...movements just don’t happen.

In this module, I will help you think through the development of your prayer plan.

How do you do a prayer walk? What can you do to mobilize prayer for your area of people group? I’ll give you practical tools and tips to move forward. I will also introduce one of my favorite prayer tools for daily intercession. By the end of the module you will have a clear plan not only developed but will be implementing it. Changes will have already begun as God starts to answer those prayers.

Module 4: Abundant Seed Sowing

This module will help you and your team think through your evangelism approaches and decide on one key way of sharing the gospel. Everyone on your team will learn and use this (and later the new believers too). You’ll have goals and targets in place for how to radically increase the number of people in your area who are hearing the gospel each week and will learn some super reproducible and simple tools for sharing your faith.

Whether evangelism is something you love or don’t feel you are very good at, there is no way to start a movement without lots of gospel sharing. I’ll help you find a way to not only increase your own skills in evangelism, but train others how to share as well.

In Luke 10, Jesus sent out the seventy-two to share about the kingdom of God. He told them to heal the sick. We’ll talk about what that means as well.

Module 5: Finding Local Partners and the Person of Peace

As you’re moving forward in this journey and begin sharing the gospel, you’ll be looking for what we call a Person of Peace. In this module, I will explain what that means and how to find the person who will open up your community to the gospel.

I’ll tell stories of some of the Persons of Peace I’ve found as I’ve worked in various communities around the world. I’ll also tell you about some of the times when I thought someone was worth investing in, but they weren’t. I’m hoping you will learn a lot from my mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them!

We’ll also talk about the importance of finding local partners and how to go about that. This is especially necessary if you are reaching out to people from another culture.

Finding a Person of Peace can sometimes take a while, but God has already prepared that person for you. I’ll show how to go about finding them.

Module 6: Start Your First Group

The final module is the exciting part! That is when you will start your first disciple-making group! You’ll gather your team and/or new believers, if some people have come to faith at this point. I’ll walk you step by step through how to set up your disciple-making meeting.

Many people lead others to faith and try to disciple them but never see those people go on to disciple others. Multiplication gets stuck. We need to use methods of discipleship that are designed to multiply easily. I’ll help you think through a few options and make a decision on which proven disciple-making approach to use. Then I will train you in using it.

The simple strategies I’ll introduce have been working all over the world and are tried and true. They lead to genuine deep transformation in people’s lives, an obedient lifestyle and to active disciples who aren’t just followers but also share their faith with others in an active way.

I’ll introduce the three part disciple-makers meeting and teach you how to use it. I’ll even throw in an extra bonus video where you can watch me leading a one hour disciple-making group so you can see exactly how to do this.

By the end of this module and course you will have started your first group (or maybe a few groups if you are full-time in ministry and can make the time for that). And the great thing is that those groups will be set up in a way that they will naturally and easily lead to many more people coming to faith through them.

30 day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

If this is something you are loving the idea of, but you aren’t fully sure it’s for you, I want to help you take a step forward. Disciple-making and multiplication are so absolutely amazing! I really want as many people as possible to get this training and start seeing massive impact in their communities and people groups.

But I know that sometimes, life happens. We think we can make time to do something and then we just can’t.

To do the work required from this course does take a significant investment of time and effort. Starting movements doesn’t come without sacrifice and effort. And though the movement won’t cost much, this course does cost something (especially if you choose the Premium offer with coaching). That is why I am offering a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

One month into the course you will have received and gone through the first two modules. You’ll have had your first coaching call (if you choose the premium Plan) and be moving into module three. If you’ve done the work and put in the time, you’ll have a team with you that is fully committed to an exciting God-given vision. You’ll be moving forward with confidence and clarity. If that isn’t happening and you aren’t growing in excitement, passion and hope for what God can do through you, then you are totally welcome to ask for your money back.

Or, if at that point, for whatever reason, you realize you are in over your head and don’t want to continue, all you have to do is send me an email to hello@ywamfm.org. Let me know the reasons you would like to exit the course and we will give you a full refund (minus our bank charges). I really hope that won’t happen, but if for some reason you don’t want to continue, I want to make sure you haven't wasted your money for nothing.

Here’s what you are getting when you enroll today…

Getting Started in Disciple-Making Movements Course $600 value

Course Bonus Materials, e-books and PDFs $29 value

Bonus Video (example of a Disciple-making group in real time) $20 value

When you add that all up, that is a $649 value.

When you enroll today, you will get access to everything for just $96!

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have an emergency and get behind or I get too busy to watch the videos?
No problem! Though a new module becomes available to you every two weeks, once sent to you, the videos are available for life. No need to worry. You can work at your own pace. If you take a few weeks off in the middle and come back to it, no problem.
Do I have the time it takes to do this course?
Busyness is an issue for all of us. It is one of the major obstacles to being a fruitful disciple-maker. That is why I have devoted an entire module to this topic and even included it in the subtitle of the course! I definitely have faced this myself as a mission leader who travels to speak and carries many other responsibilities besides disciple-making. In Module two, I will show you key tips to overcome this and how to create time in your life for what is most important to you. To make it worthwhile you need about two hours a week to watch the videos and do the activities.
Is this course only intended for full-time pastors or missionaries?
Absolutely not! This course is designed for anyone who is serious about making disciples among the least, last and lost. Every disciple can make disciples. No special titles or qualifications required!
How is this course different from other online trainings about disciple-making?
There are two major differences. One, this course is taught by someone who has launched disciple-making movements herself on the field. It is loaded with real life examples from C. Anderson’s personal journey and struggle to launch a Disciple Making Movement. Another difference is that it is taught by someone who you will easily identify with, not by a big-name leader or pastor. The instructor understands your struggles and has been where you are today, not so very long ago. Another uniqueness of this course is that it offers both a Whatsapp group and Coaching (Premium Plan) from experienced field practitioners who have faced the same challenges you have. They will help you move forward, get unstuck if you are and stay on track with your goals.
How long does it take to watch the videos?
Each module includes four or five short videos with a total listening time for each module of around thirty minutes. This gives you plenty of time to also read the bonus PDFs and do the activities assigned.
What if I don’t have internet access one week?
No problem. You can catch up the next week. You will not get behind and it doesn’t take long to catch up with the rest of the class.
Can the videos be downloaded?
Yes. Absolutely. We want you to be able to refer back to these easily or to use them offline if that is easier for you.
Can I pay for one course registration but watch it with my team or use it for my training school?
You can! Isn’t that great! Feel free to download the videos and use them in your church as a special class or in your onsite training program.
Can I invite others to join in after the class has started?
Once the course has started, if you are finding it helpful we’d love for you to recommend it to your friends. They will have to wait for the next time it becomes available to benefit from the instructor’s input and the Whatsapp group. If they join the waiting list, we will notify them when it will be offered again. We hope to offer it several times a year.
What if I don’t feel like this course is helpful to me?
If you start the course and realize it isn’t what you were wanting, make use of our 100% Money Back Guarantee within 45 days and we will refund you the money you’ve invested. We really don’t want people to pay for something that doesn’t end up helping them make disciples that multiply! There is absolutely no risk in taking this course. We removed that with our guarantee.
Can you remind me of everything I am getting if I buy this course today?
Sure. If you purchase the Basic Course - Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements: Even if You are Busy, Can’t Speak the Language Well and Have No Money, you will get 25 teaching videos, 24 PDFs to further explain the lessons, several relevant e-books, access to a student Whatsapp group, and a Bonus Video of a Disciple-makers meeting led by the instructor. In the Premium Course- Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements: Even if You are Busy, Can’t Speak the Language Well and Have No Money, you get everything listed above under the Basic Course PLUS 3 one-hour coaching sessions and access every two weeks to a live video Q&A session with the instructor.

Still Undecided? This course is perfect for you if…

  1. You’ve heard about Disciple Making Movements and always wondered if a movement could start through someone like you.
  2. You’ve been trying to multiply disciples and start groups but are stuck and not making the kind of progress you thought you would.
  3. You are involved in discipleship but looking for better ways to train disciples to make more disciples.
  4. Reaching the lost and making disciples is a high priority and you are willing to change in order to see greater fruit.
  5. You already spend several hours a week doing outreach and teaching believers. You want to see your Kingdom fruit increase.
  6. You a busy person, but are deeply committed to the Great Commission.
  7. Language learning is difficult, but you are longing to reaching the unreached around you.
  8. You are excited about the dream of launching a movement of Jesus followers that will literally transform your entire region.
  9. You want to dream big with God and invite others to join you in doing the impossible with Him.
  10. You are ready to put in serious time and effort to multiplying disciples among the Least, Last and Lost…among those who are waiting to hear of God’s love.

Did you find yourself saying “That’s me!” to five or more of those?

Then I will see you inside of…

Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements: Even if You are Busy, Can’t Speak the Language Well and Have No Money

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